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Mind Your Manners

To my mother’s credit, I am probably one of the most well mannered people you’re going to find in this day and age.  I always send thank you notes, even to my parents and siblings. I can tell you which fork to use at a formal dinner party (generally speaking work from the outside in).  I can tell you that it is rude to butter your entire roll (rather you should butter only the piece you are about to consume).  I can properly set a table – bread plate and forks on the left, knife (always with the blade toward the plate), spoon, and drinks on the right.  I am the consummate hostess (Martha Stewart aside), always striving to make my guests feel like they are staying at the Four Seasons.  It is to the point that I have even been referred to as “Emily Post” by certain friends in a half joking manner.  As a matter of fact, I was consulted on etiquette for my own bridal shower.

I must tell you, however, that there are a few draw backs to all of this politeness…

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