A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas wasn’t feeling very much like Christmas this year.  My husband and I have barely seen each other and presents under the tree were few and far between.  Money, as regular readers probably know, has been tight in our house.

Most years I shop with great care and anticipation, picking out something that is just right.  The earrings that I know my sister will love, the shirt that my brother needs, the perfect toy for my ever young-at-heart husband.  I love finding the gift.  I even love the act of gift wrapping, making the presentation as much a part of the offering as the object itself.  I hated the fact that this year I had to deny myself the pleasure.  There were no shopping expeditions to the mall, no moments of losing myself in a boutique store, no ridiculously long lines at the post office (okay, so I was not sad to miss that part of the Christmas experience).  Overall the season was feeling a little hollow.

It was only within the last week that I made the sudden announcement to my husband that I had broken our vow to not do presents this year and had spent $20 on a gift for him as well as $30 to send gifts to my niece and nephew.  I simply couldn’t help myself.  I realize, of course, that giving is not the meaning of the season, but for me it embodies the love, thoughtfulness, and affection I want to share with my loved ones.  The absence of giving was casting a shadow over the season for me. Unfortunately my sudden announcement sent my husband into a last minute gift-finding panic, but in the end he chose the perfect gift; a piece of himself (in the form of his artwork), a gift that no one else could have given to me. And this morning I waited with excitement while my gift to him was unwrapped, watched with pleasure as a smile spread across my husband’s face, and I smiled back.  Perhaps I wasn’t able to buy all the things I would have liked to buy for him and maybe it’s not the best Christmas we will ever have, but in the end it we shared a piece of ourselves and an understanding of one another.  It turned out to be a merry little Christmas after all.



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I am a chef by trade, a procrastinator by habit, and creative by nature (or perhaps nurture, but that's a different blog). I am a very structured, organized person which is a great thing in my profession, but I don't like it when things go differently than planned (which is not such a great thing in my profession). This blog is about my life, my passions, and learning to just go with the flow and waltz in the kitchen. It's a continual process. View all posts by waltzinginthekitchen

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