Bye Bye Blackbird

The Birds

The Birds.

Halloween is over and we’re working ourselves up to the (minor) task of removing the ghosts from the palm trees and taking down our Halloween wreath.  I always feel like I have to be very on top of the timing with both putting up and taking down decorations and wreaths.  You don’t want to be that house, the family that is too lazy to care or has no sense of holiday propriety.  One of my neighbors, for instance, put up their Christmas decorations the second week of October.  For Heaven’s sake, even Macy’s has enough decency to wait until late October.  I was incredulous and my husband was almost apoplectic (he’s not much of a Christmas person even in December).  It’s almost worse than the bachelor cop who lives down the street and never removed his Christmas wreaths from last year (but at least they are the innocuous type of wreath that you really have to look at to realize it belongs to a particular holiday).

Coat Hanger Skeleton

Mr. Bones

Part of the problem, I suppose, is that it is always so much easier to motivate yourself to set up the decorations than to take them down.  You get to anticipate the holiday in question, get creative with the way you display your enthusiasm, and look at something new on your porch or in your yard for a few weeks (or months as the case may be).  Taking things down, well it’s just not as much fun.  But if you don’t take down the previous holiday, you can’t put up the next.  It’s fun to change things up a bit and there are so many holidays and occasions that I really do not see the need to get too fixated on just one.  What do you think?  Is there a time limit on holiday decorations and if so what are the appropriate dates in which to celebrate?  Is it impolite to go beyond the limits?


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