It’s just one of those days…

I believe the adage goes “You want to make God laugh?  Tell him about your plans.”  There have been a lot of changes and uncertainties in my life recently.  Some are good, some are bad, and most are completely beyond my control.  For me this a a recipe for sleepless nights, high emotion, and introspection.  It’s hard for a control freak to just go with the flow, and while I can tell myself a million cliches about closing doors and opening windows and things that are meant to be, it’s just not always that easy to take a step back and breath.  This is where comfort food comes in.  I am not the type of person who eats when upset, on the contrary I tend not to eat when I am upset, but once I am convinced to eat (either by a concerned loved one or sheer biological need) there are just certain foods that make it a little bit better.  Luckily they are generally high in calories which makes up for the not eating part of the equation.  Things that I find to be particularly good when I am feeling down include tomato basil soup (cream based, of course), macaroni and cheese, chai tea, and chocolate.  I find it amazing how food can play a role in transforming a mood and lifting your spirit.  It’s a fabulous profession to be in where you can have such an immediate affect on the people you serve.

What is your favorite comfort food?


About waltzinginthekitchen

I am a chef by trade, a procrastinator by habit, and creative by nature (or perhaps nurture, but that's a different blog). I am a very structured, organized person which is a great thing in my profession, but I don't like it when things go differently than planned (which is not such a great thing in my profession). This blog is about my life, my passions, and learning to just go with the flow and waltz in the kitchen. It's a continual process. View all posts by waltzinginthekitchen

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