Confessions of an OCD Chef

My recipe filing system

My System of Organization

As I have already indicated, I am a very structured person.  Having a personality such as this comes with certain, shall we say, lifestyle expectations.  Everyone automatically assumes that because I can’t stand for anything to be out of place my house must look like it belongs to Martha Stewart.  I would like to publicly debunk that myth.  My house, while certainly not a “mess” by most people’s standards, is not nearly as neat and tidy as it would be if I didn’t have anything better to do with my time (such as watch 6 hour marathons of Law and Order: SVU or check for the latest facebook post that I can throw my 2 cents into).  My bed is rarely made, there are piles of mail on my kitchen counters (though they are categorized piles) and while my closet may be color coordinated, there is a basket of laundry that is sitting at my feet that has been in the same spot for 4 days.  Another thing that is horribly disorganized are my recipe files (see above) which consist of a decade’s worth of newspaper clippings, computer print outs, sticky notes, and recipe cards.  All of these items are carelessly shoved into a photo album that once held about 2 dozen very neatly written and alphabetized recipe cards that I copied from my mother’s cookbooks before I went to college.  Somewhere along the way I gave up (I think it was when I was unable to get more recipe cards in the same style and thus I felt the entire cause was lost).  My husband tells me if I just sit down and type them all out (ha!) that he will be more than happy to create a cross referenced computer file for me.  That, my friends, is not likely to happen this century.  And while the system is not ideal, I do know more or less what is in that album and I can almost always find it (given 20 minutes or so to look).  The good news for this blog, however, is that it almost forces me to be a little random in my recipe posts and that, I believe, will be a good thing.


About waltzinginthekitchen

I am a chef by trade, a procrastinator by habit, and creative by nature (or perhaps nurture, but that's a different blog). I am a very structured, organized person which is a great thing in my profession, but I don't like it when things go differently than planned (which is not such a great thing in my profession). This blog is about my life, my passions, and learning to just go with the flow and waltz in the kitchen. It's a continual process. View all posts by waltzinginthekitchen

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